Birth Certificate & U.S.Passport

For birth certificate: A birth certificate is a vital document that proves a person’s identity and citizenship. In the United States, it is issued by the state or territory where the individual was born and contains essential information such as the person’s name, date of birth, place of birth, and the names of their parents.
For US passport: A US passport is a travel document that serves as proof of a person’s identity and citizenship. It is issued by the US Department of State and allows the holder to travel internationally. A US passport contains the holder’s name, photo, place and date of birth, passport number, and other identifying information.
What we offer:
  • Help people complete the CRBA form (DS-2029), the Affidavit of Physical Presence (DS-5507), and the U.S. Passport form (DS-11)

  • Complete file preparation and advice on obtaining an American passport and birth certificate
  • Making online appointments for the applicants mentioned above
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